God is essentially a mystery. In order for the human mind to begin to grasp this "mystery we call God," we need to use understandable images that represent this mystery. In scripture, We as Catholic Christians believe that God reveals God's self to us in many ways. We believe that God "speaks" to us or that God "calls" us into a close,loving relationship. We believe that God speaks to us through through Nature, things, experiences, and through other people. For example, in both the Hebrew and Christian testaments god is visualized as: rock, shepherd, father, mother, king, gentle breeze, vine grower, cornerstone, fire, thunder, a mighty eagle and even a mother hen.

What is your image of God? Your image of God will reflect what you believe about God and God's presence in your life. Your task is to think about God and identify three images you have of God. You are to write a reflection that explains each one. You will record your reflection onto a VoiceThread. You will also compose a short, original prayer to God that acknowledges God's loving presence in your life. The prayer should reflect your images of God.

You will submit a hard copy of your reflection and your prayer.

  1. Think about how God has spoken to you.
  2. Find three pictures that represent God's presences. These can be personal photos or one that you found and downloaded from the internet.
  3. Save all the photos and bring them to school ether by uploading them to BB, using your thumb drive, or [[#|saving]] the URL pointing t0 he photos.
  4. Go to www.voicethread.com and [[#|register]].
  5. All pictures will be download to the desktop and then upload to your voice thread. Set you voice thread to be public with comments. When you finish recording you will reset your voice thread to be public with no comments.
  6. Add a title and description to your voice thread. Make sure to make it something your teacher and Mrs S.can find. Add tags that will help in searching for your voice thread.
  7. Attach the [[#|headset]] with microphone to your computer. Go to the system preferences under the apple to sound and select logic tech headset for both input and output.
  8. Find and upload a personal avator to your voice thread
  9. Record your reflections on each picture.
  10. When you are finished remember to change your voice thread to public with no comments.
  11. Go to the last slide and under share, select "Embed." Copy out the embed code.
  12. Now go to the wiki, http://look-godspeaks.wikispaces.com/
  13. Find your name on the list on the left and select it. Once in, select "Edit" on the top right of the page.
  14. Select the "Widget" icon. Scroll down to other and paste the embed code in the area provided.
  15. Save your edit and your voice thread will appear on the wiki.

1. Voice thread contains 3 images 20 points
2. Reflection describes the images 20 points
3. Student prayer 20 Points
4. Written copy of reflection and prayer 20 points
5. VoiceThread creativity shows effort 10 points
6. VoiceThread shows thoughtful reflection on God 10 Points

Through this project you will have the opportunity to reflect in how God speaks to you and share your reflections in a different and fun format. You will be given the opportunity to give voice to your thoughts of God and also enhance your technology skills as you become familiar with one of the newest web 2.0 collaboration tools, Voice Thread.


This project designed and implemented by Kate Shevlin , theology teacher at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Wikispace design and technical assistance furnish by Carol Siwinski, Insteuctional Technology Coordinator.

October, 2009